Aborgast Triple Threat Top Water 3 Pack

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The Arbogast Triple Threat includes two legendary Hula Popper’s  and one Jitterbug. The Jitterbug features a double-cupped lip and produces a loud, rhythmic sound that surface feeding fish find irresistible. The Hula Popper features a pulsating skirt and is deadly when popped over submerged timber, weed or grass beds.

This kit includes:

Qty ARBOGAST Action Length Weight Color
1  Jitterbug (G600)02 Wobbler 2 1/2″ 3/8oz Black
1  Hula Popper (G760)10 Popper 2″ 3/8oz Coach Dog
1 Jitterbug (G600)06 Wobbler 2 1/2″ 3/8oz Frog White Belly
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